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Posted: November 30, 2008 in Mizzou Football
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Today I witnessed one of the best football games quite possibly in college sports.

Unfortunately it culminated in one of the worst endings I’ve ever witnessed as well.

Mizzou narrowly lost to Kansas today 40 to 37, but you wouldn’t know that by some of the reports coming across the wire.

For instance this is how Yael T. Abouhalkha (Don’t even ask me to pronounce it because I don’t have the slightest idea) a writer for the Kansas City Star described today’s Border War showdown:

“The Kansas Jayhawks football team showed more guts and scored more points than the Missouri Tigers Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Final score in this huge upset: KU 40, MU 37.

The victory over the nation’s 13th-ranked Tigers gives KU students and alumni (including this one) bragging rights for an entire year — until the next Border War game in November of 2009.

Alas, Saturday didn’t bring the victory expected by so many Missouri fans. How sad.”

O.K. first of all, a 40 to 37 victory is not a “huge” upset, and did you catch his “witty” satire at the end? (Ha Ha, somebody should check his green card).

Other media sources described the event more accurately, but the loss for true Missourians is a hard one to take, our boys lost the ONE game that we should have won. I’ve always said the season really doesn’t matter unless we beat Kansas but let’s not be too hard on our boys, to say the least Jeramy Maclin and Chase Coffman took a beating today, no one can say they didn’t give their all, and in reality that’s all we can ask, and besides, ESPN’s summary of the game contained a very good quote from Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniel who states:

“This hurts right now, especially because it is Kansas, especially because it is a rivalry game, but we’ve got redemption next week,” Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel said. “We’re in the championship game, not Kansas, not Kansas State, not Baylor.”

He’s right, but I couldn’t help but notice that some Jayhawks had found a Mizzou drum to swipe and let their fans beat on it as they carried it around the sidelines. Oh well, what do you expect from Jayhawks? Stealing Missouri property is a century and a half tradition for them.

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker

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From AFP News

“WASHINGTON (AFP) — Barack Obama’s personnel picks for his White House and cabinet are prompting political foes to claim he has dumped his promise of change for tired Washington insiders and Clinton-era retreads.After spending months feuding with former foe Hillary Clinton and casting veiled criticisms of her husband’s administration, Obama is poised to hand her the plum job of secretary of state, aides said.

Former senator Tom Daschle, a veteran of the partisan political wars Obama has vowed to end is set to become secretary of health and human services.

Eric Holder, a former Clinton-era Justice Department official is being lined up as Attorney General in the Obama administration.

Obama’s chief of staff is feared Rahm Emanuel, a sharp-elbowed former Clinton White House aide, who has warred with Republicans for years.

Clinton energy secretary Bill Richardson is being touted as commerce secretary.

Republicans, demoralized from their drubbing in the presidential and congressional election on November 4 claim this line-up shows Obama’s promise for “Change we Can Believe In” is hollow.

“Apparently, Washington outsiders need not apply in the Obama Administration,” said Republican National Committee spokesman Alex Conant.

“Barack Obama’s cabinet is starting to resemble a Clinton reunion. His appointments so far have been a disappointment for Americans hoping to see some fresh faces in Washington.”

The New York Post sarcastically dubbed names being floated as Obama appointees as Clinton era has-beens.”

“Congratulations to Hillary (and Bill) Clinton — who seem to have won the presidential election, despite the official results on Nov. 4,” the paper’s conservative editorial page wrote.”

Let’s not forget that he’s also picked Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security. Who according to Fox News was a Clinton-era appoinee for U.S. Attorney for the State of Arizona.

While everyone is complaining about the “lack of” CHANGE in the Obama cabinet picks, everone is missing the “big picture” about the change that really is coming.

According to Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Journal Sentinel newspaper, Obama has been “studying” Lincoln and while the article talks about the various aspects of Lincoln there are several parts of the article that should concern everyone.

For instance, the Journal Sentinel states:

“Just what does his attraction to Lincoln say about Obama? What does Lincoln offer as a model? How relevant is that model today?

“I don’t think you can really imitate Lincoln,” historian Douglas L. Wilson said. But like other students of Lincoln, Wilson applauds the idea of aiming for “a kind of Lincolnian standard.” At the very least, he’s all for presidents making Lincoln an object of study.

Where that study leads is open to interpretation. Thanks in part to his literary brilliance, Lincoln is the most magnetic of presidents. But his appeal is in the eye of the beholder. One leading biographer, David Herbert Donald, wrote that a key to understanding Lincoln was the “essential passivity of his nature.” Another historian singled out Lincoln’s “ruthlessness” of purpose”

While the article details Lincoln’s {perceived} attempt at peacefully preserving the Union…

“Speaking on election night in Chicago, Obama quoted from Lincoln’s first inaugural:

“As Lincoln said to a nation far more divided than ours, ‘We are not enemies, but friends . . . though passion may have strained, it must not break, our bonds of affection.’ ”

But even while Lincoln was “assuring” the nation that North and South were not enemies it was an act of deception…

“While the ending of Lincoln’s first inaugural is celebrated for its conciliatory tone, Lincoln’s original draft concluded with a much darker warning to the South: “Shall it be peace, or a sword?” Seward advised him to soften his language. “.

We all know that Lincoln chose “the sword”. Lincoln was not elected by a vast majority of U.S. citizens, the South voted overwhelmingly for Kentuckian John C. Breckinridge, rather than vote for a “Black Republican”.

In 2008, the South (including Missouri) voted for John McCain a Republican rather than vote for a “Black Democrat”.

We can only speculate what kind of CHANGE is coming down the pike for us under an Obama administration, but we can make an educated guess that he’s reading Lincoln in an effort to learn how to best deceptively undermine the Constitution. The biggest question on many citizens minds is; Just what lengths is he willing to go to , in order to implement his CHANGE?

Will it be peace or the sword?

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker

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The Southeast Missouri State University’s newspaper “The Capaha Arrow” has written an article about the recent Cape County Commisioner’s race.  The article is very good press for District 2 commissioner Jay Purcell who states:

“Given the fact that some of the most powerful people in our county were publicly trying to discredit me and my message of fair, open, transparent government, this win and the margin in which we won by was bittersweet,”

The “Arrow” continues…

“Purcell’s campaign prided itself on the idea of open government, and it wasn’t until he had public arguments with the other commissioners and worked to expose corruption among the county government that he received strong opposition from some city and county officials.

He exposed issues such as Swingle selling his books on the county website, and Purcell objected to the selling of county park land and the county’s spending of $5,775 on private attorneys this year.”

If the article was positive press for Purcell, it was not so much for Cape County Presiding Commisioner Gerald Jones. The Capaha Arrow states that:

“Jones will be working with Purcell and Koeper for the next two years until his term as presiding Commissioner is up. When asked in a phone interview on Nov. 9 how he was going to work with Purcell after their previous confrontation, Jones went into a profanity-filled tirade.

“I don’t give a g-d- if I talk to you or not. I know that if you’re with the media, all you are looking for is controversy. If it’s not controversial, you all don’t print it,” said Jones”

I’m sure that makes Purcell’s victory that much sweeter. Read the article in its entirety BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK:

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker

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Eric Holder

Required reading for those Obama-ites who carried his message of “CHANGE”. If Obama is so change oriented, then why is he filling his cabinet with Washington insiders connected to the Clintons?

From the New York Post…

“WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama’s aides have privately asked senators whether Washington attorney Eric Holder would be confirmed as the next attorney general, according to a person involved in the talks.

The talks suggest that Obama is deeply interested in Holder, who served as the No. 2 official in the Justice Department under President Clinton… the last day of Clinton’s term, Holder was asked whether the president should pardon Rich, a wealthy commodities dealer who had been spent years running from tax charges. Holder said he was “neutral, leaning towards favorable” on the pardon. Clinton later cited that as among the factors that persuaded him to issue the pardon.

Holder has publicly apologized for what he said was a snap decision that he should have paid more attention to. Had he taken more time to review the case, he would have advised against a pardon, he said.

A former U.S. attorney, Holder is among Washington’s most prominent defense attorneys. He would be the first black attorney general in U.S. history.

In the past week, Obama aides have asked Senate Republicans whether they would support Holder. In particular, the aides questioned whether Holder’s confirmation would be delayed because of his involvement in the 2001 pardon of fugitive Marc Rich by President Bill Clinton. “

Oh where to start. First of all a candidate of “CHANGE” doesn’t hire a Washington insider to be his Attorney General.

What is a Washington insider?  A Washington insider supports pardoning a wealthy tax evader, because the President wants him to.

So how do you gain support for a nominee who is a Washington insider, when you yourself ran as the candidate of “CHANGE”?

It’s easy, first you have to “package” the nominee as someone who will be remembered  for “historical purposes”, much like Holder was billed in the New York Post. Remember the “Post” stated that if confirmed, Holder will be the nation’s first Black Attorney General. (How fitting for the first Black President).

Of course it is ironic that Bill Clinton was considered the nation’s first “Black” President, but it is just as ironic that Holder will be considered the first Black Attorney General.


Because technically, there was already a Black Attorney General.

“Who”, you might ask, well ironically, it was (drumroll please)…. Eric Holder!

From Wikipedia.Org

“Holder served as Acting Attorney General under President George W. Bush for several weeks until the Senate confirmed Bush’s nominee, John Ashcroft

Hey just a quick question for you Obama {quick} CHANGE artists out there…

How come Holder wasn’t heralded as the nation’s first “Black” Attorney General under George W. Bush?

Who did Holder report to as Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration?

Janet Reno

 Good ole Janet Reno, and what was Janet Reno most remembered for?

The raid on the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Tx in 1993 which killed 76 people “including 21 children and two pregnant women”

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker

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Bill O’Reilly seems to be the latest “Conservative” to drink the all new Obama flavored Kool-Aid.  Perhaps he sees the “Fairness Doctrine” coming down the pike and he is trying to score some points with the “Warlord in Chief” elect.

According to James Edwards’ “Ethnopolitics Blog”

“I’m not making this up. Maybe white conservatives who are the bulk of mainstream Republicans will finally start realizing that FOX News, far from being conservative, is just as hell bent on this Diversity and Hate Speech agenda that’s rapidly criminalizing free thought in America as the rest of the MSM is.

Some religious nut of a black woman made a video of herself teaching a toddler to say “F**k Obama” and “he’s not my president.” Then she started babbling the nonsense that he’s not really black, but White/Arab, and he’s the antichrist, 666 and all that. Gives Obama the finger, too.

And Bill O’Reilly shows the video on his program, and calls for the FBI to investigate this woman.

Investigate her? For what?

For not showing the proper respect to Obama.

That’s the only “crime” this woman has committed. There’s no doubt she’s a religious kook, and an all around goofball, and is raising her kid to have a foul mouth, but since when are those crimes? From what I’ve seen, most black kids that age have been using the F word from before they were weaned.

But BO wants the FBI to pay her a visit, and it’s not because a toddler is using the F word. First off, that’s none of the federal government’s business, and if it were, the FBI would never stop kicking down doors in the ghetto.

No, it’s because she’s saying rude things about Obama. Things which, no matter how offensive, are perfectly legal. But they wont’ be much longer if O’Reilly has his way. Because, as he says in the video, “people have to be held accountable for this stuff.”

Even as twisted as this woman is, she’s not all wrong, Obama’s not my president either and as far as “dropping the f-bomb” goes, Edwards is right, if the FBI was to kick in the door at every home it is used, every door in the ghetto would be kicked in, and thanks to HBO, Cinemax and Show Time, every door in middle class white America would be kicked in too (just my two cents).

Mr. “No-Spin” can ” Sit and Spin” as far as I’m concerned.

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker

I’ve been reading Pat Buchanan’s book, “The Death of the West”, and I came across something very interesting. On pages 46-47 Buchanan writes:

“The America many of us grew up in is gone. The cultural revolution has triumphed in the minds of millions an dis beyond the power of politicians to overturn, even had they the courage to try. Half a nation has converted. The party of working-class Catholics is almost 100% “pro-choice” and pro-gay rights. The party of the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition has thrown in the towel on the social issues- to go out an do the Lord’s work growing the Department of Education. Young people are not concerned about their souls; they’re worried about the Nasdaq. Most of the intellectual and the media elite are fighting allies of the revolution or fellow travelers, and many conservatives are trolling for the terms of armistice”

Obama hasn’t even been sworn in and yet his presidency is proof of this. One more nail in the coffin of America. One more chess piece of manipulation played in the “Death of the West” and the decline of European Culture.

Clint, Mobushwhacker