Misleading Campaign…

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Elections
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Today’s Southeast Missourian carries a Letter to the Editor that I had submitted regarding the state representative race for Missouri’s 156th District, which includes, Bollinger, Madison and Wayne counties.

Voter’s had an opportunity to reject “Jettonism” for real representation. Unfortunately, the Republican’s opted for some very dirty tricks.

Below is my letter (as published in the November 7th, 2008 Southeast Missourian)…

“Misleading campaign

Friday, November 7, 2008

To the editor:

I was disappointed to learn that Michael Winder, candidate for state representative in the 156th District, had conceded his race to Shelley Keeney.

The Republicans ran a bitter, negative and misleading campaign against Winder, which included manipulating facts from Project Vote Smart’s 2006 candidate survey, prompting Project Vote Smart to condemn their actions, but that’s not the only trick the Republicans had up their sleeve. Robo-calls went out to voters telling anyone who would listen that Winder was a pro-choice candidate, an outright lie, given the fact that, like Keeney, Winder had been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life as well as Missourians United for Life.

Winder had vowed not to run a negative campaign and held true to that vow when many of us could hold our tongues no longer in the face of such misleading attacks against him. He has character that would have served us well if he had been elected.

Praise must also be given to Winder’s wife and family, who have been under tremendous stress throughout this election year yet never wavered in their support for him.

For many of us things did not turn out the way we wanted, but I hope the voters of the 156th District will take comfort in knowing that they have elected the finest representative that money can buy.

CLINT E. LACY, Marble Hill, Mo. “


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