The America we grew up in is gone…

Posted: November 15, 2008 in Elections, European Culture, Obama-bin-Biden
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I’ve been reading Pat Buchanan’s book, “The Death of the West”, and I came across something very interesting. On pages 46-47 Buchanan writes:

“The America many of us grew up in is gone. The cultural revolution has triumphed in the minds of millions an dis beyond the power of politicians to overturn, even had they the courage to try. Half a nation has converted. The party of working-class Catholics is almost 100% “pro-choice” and pro-gay rights. The party of the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition has thrown in the towel on the social issues- to go out an do the Lord’s work growing the Department of Education. Young people are not concerned about their souls; they’re worried about the Nasdaq. Most of the intellectual and the media elite are fighting allies of the revolution or fellow travelers, and many conservatives are trolling for the terms of armistice”

Obama hasn’t even been sworn in and yet his presidency is proof of this. One more nail in the coffin of America. One more chess piece of manipulation played in the “Death of the West” and the decline of European Culture.

Clint, Mobushwhacker


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