Jones Melts Down…Again

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Elections
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The Southeast Missouri State University’s newspaper “The Capaha Arrow” has written an article about the recent Cape County Commisioner’s race.  The article is very good press for District 2 commissioner Jay Purcell who states:

“Given the fact that some of the most powerful people in our county were publicly trying to discredit me and my message of fair, open, transparent government, this win and the margin in which we won by was bittersweet,”

The “Arrow” continues…

“Purcell’s campaign prided itself on the idea of open government, and it wasn’t until he had public arguments with the other commissioners and worked to expose corruption among the county government that he received strong opposition from some city and county officials.

He exposed issues such as Swingle selling his books on the county website, and Purcell objected to the selling of county park land and the county’s spending of $5,775 on private attorneys this year.”

If the article was positive press for Purcell, it was not so much for Cape County Presiding Commisioner Gerald Jones. The Capaha Arrow states that:

“Jones will be working with Purcell and Koeper for the next two years until his term as presiding Commissioner is up. When asked in a phone interview on Nov. 9 how he was going to work with Purcell after their previous confrontation, Jones went into a profanity-filled tirade.

“I don’t give a g-d- if I talk to you or not. I know that if you’re with the media, all you are looking for is controversy. If it’s not controversial, you all don’t print it,” said Jones”

I’m sure that makes Purcell’s victory that much sweeter. Read the article in its entirety BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK:

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker

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