Posted: November 30, 2008 in Mizzou Football
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Today I witnessed one of the best football games quite possibly in college sports.

Unfortunately it culminated in one of the worst endings I’ve ever witnessed as well.

Mizzou narrowly lost to Kansas today 40 to 37, but you wouldn’t know that by some of the reports coming across the wire.

For instance this is how Yael T. Abouhalkha (Don’t even ask me to pronounce it because I don’t have the slightest idea) a writer for the Kansas City Star described today’s Border War showdown:

“The Kansas Jayhawks football team showed more guts and scored more points than the Missouri Tigers Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Final score in this huge upset: KU 40, MU 37.

The victory over the nation’s 13th-ranked Tigers gives KU students and alumni (including this one) bragging rights for an entire year — until the next Border War game in November of 2009.

Alas, Saturday didn’t bring the victory expected by so many Missouri fans. How sad.”

O.K. first of all, a 40 to 37 victory is not a “huge” upset, and did you catch his “witty” satire at the end? (Ha Ha, somebody should check his green card).

Other media sources described the event more accurately, but the loss for true Missourians is a hard one to take, our boys lost the ONE game that we should have won. I’ve always said the season really doesn’t matter unless we beat Kansas but let’s not be too hard on our boys, to say the least Jeramy Maclin and Chase Coffman took a beating today, no one can say they didn’t give their all, and in reality that’s all we can ask, and besides, ESPN’s summary of the game contained a very good quote from Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniel who states:

“This hurts right now, especially because it is Kansas, especially because it is a rivalry game, but we’ve got redemption next week,” Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel said. “We’re in the championship game, not Kansas, not Kansas State, not Baylor.”

He’s right, but I couldn’t help but notice that some Jayhawks had found a Mizzou drum to swipe and let their fans beat on it as they carried it around the sidelines. Oh well, what do you expect from Jayhawks? Stealing Missouri property is a century and a half tradition for them.

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker


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  1. ksparrothead says:


    Actually, what you saw was one side of a “war drum” that has KU on one side and MU on the other side and the winners use it to celebrate. As for calling it a “huge upset” for KU, that is just one man’s opinion. It does make some sense considering that MU was ranked 13th and KU was outside the top 25.

    Either way, KU outplayed MU for most of the day and when it counted most got the job done. Your attempt to cast aspersions on the story’s author is more than a bit petty and childish. Of course, so is the claim that KU has been “stealing Missouri property” for more than 150 years. You might want to go back to your history class and do some research on that topic.


  2. aldermanlacy says:

    KU Parrothead,

    You’re one of the more civilized Jayhawkers (an oxymoron?) that I’ve encountered. It’s true that Mizzou has had trouble getting in the groove for the first half of the game lately, but my “attempt to cast aspersions” on the Kansas City Star Writer, (what was his name again? Okhbar, Osama, oh I forget) was not petty, his article was.

    Thanks for the info on the drum, but the fact remains that Kansans (i.e. Northern Socialist, Puritan Yankees) started the War of Northern Aggression.

    Unfortunately the victors write the history (Exhibit A: The Kansas City Star writer, Abdul, Jamahl… whatever his name is).

    Here’s some recommended reading for you:

    Gary Ayres: “Jayhawkers and Terrorism”:

    Clint E. Lacy: “Monument to Osceola’s Murdered Citizens Dedicated:

    The Fireeater website: “Lincoln the Murderer”:

    At any rate, it was one hell of a game if Mizzou plays that well next week, we’ll have the Big 12 Title clinched.

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