Senator Bill Clinton?

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Elections, Obama-bin-Biden
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Now that Hillary Clinton has been officially named as Obama’s choice for Secretary of State, her husband, former President Bill Clinton is being named as a replacement for her New York senate seat.

CNN is reporting that:

(CNN) — After eight years as senator from New York, Hillary Clinton is trading places, moving from Congress to the incoming administration.

On Monday, President-elect Barack Obama announced that he asked his former rival to be his secretary of state.

That means the scramble begins to replace Clinton on Capitol Hill. Among those mentioned to take her seat as New York’s junior senator is her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

At a news conference in Chicago, Illinois, on Monday, after Obama announced her selection, Clinton said she wanted to “thank my fellow New Yorkers who have, for eight years, given me the joy of a job I love with the opportunity to work on issues I care deeply, in a state that I cherish.”

Clinton added that “leaving the Senate is very difficult for me.”

The task of choosing a successor falls to David Paterson, New York’s Democratic governor. Whomever he picks would serve for two years, before a special election in November 2010 to decide who fills the last two years of Clinton’s term.”

Of course New York Governor Patterson took the place of now former Governor Elliot Spitzer, who was caught in a sex scandal with a high priced prostitute, eventually resigning.

Can you imagine what it will be like if Patterson appoints Bill Clinton as Senator? Clinton will show New York how to have a sex scandal.

There’s a reason Bill is known as “America’s first Black President”.  Whereas, Spitzer, prefers gorgeous call girls… such as Ashley Alexandra, Bill always preferred “round the way girls” like Monica Lewinsky, and pre-Hustler makeover, Paula Jones. They were flawed, but they were willing and that was always good enough for Bill and he never paid for it!

If Patterson picks Bill, then I can honestly say that one good thing has came from an Obama presidency. At last free entertainment and a reason to watch the news again!

Clint, Missouri Bushhwacker

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