To the all new Missouri Bushwhacker Blog. I switched to WordPress because of the analytic statistics and features.

What is the Missouri Bushwhacker Blog about?

Perhaps the blog’s banner gives some incite. It is a picture of one of the numerous “Quantrill Reunions” held in Missouri during the late 1890’s and early 1900’s.  Maligned by those who wrote (or should I say rewrote) our history, the reality is that Quantrill and his men were fighting for Freedom and Missouri.

They were fighting to uphold the values, culture , constitutional principles, freedom and safety of Missouri and its citizens, so it is in this tradition that the Missouri Bushwhacker Blog is published.

I will fight hard to bring you news and opinion to help preserve, protect and promote the values of our country’s Founding Fathers, our Confederate ancestors and the tradition of the Jeffersonian Democrat.

  1. Frederick J. Chiaventone – award-winning writer has produced another novel. “Gone to Kingdom,” set on the turbulent Kansas-Missouri border during the Civil War, tells of two young men coming of age among a host of notorious characters including William Quantrill, “Bloody Bill” Anderson and Frank and Jesse James.

    “Gone to Kingdom: Being the Recollections of a Missouri Bushwhacker”

    Two young men come of age on the Missouri-Kansas border as the Civil War rages around them. In his memoirs of the experience Ezra “Blackie” Douglas tells of how he and his best friend join the Missouri Partisan Rangers and learn firsthand the horrors of ‘war to the knife.’ Along the way they will associate with some of the war’s most controversial figures such as William Quantrill, “Bloody Bill” Anderson, and brothers Frank and Jesse James, and find themselves embroiled in the horrific raid on Lawrence, Kansas, It is a brutal and unforgiving environment and a difficult way into adulthood.

    (Now available on Kindle from Amazon.com in the United States and throughout Europe.)


    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific tale from our Civil War’s dark side June 27, 2013

    Ralph Peters NY Times bestselling author of “Hell or Richmond” says of this book;

    ‘Great subject, great execution. This novel is the best depiction in any medium of the grim, often downright cruel bushwhacker savagery in the “Wild Mid-West” during the War of the Rebellion. Author Chiaventone clearly knows the terrain as intimately as he does the history, and, without doubt, his own service as a combat officer helped him capture a level of authenticity generally lacking in historical novels on military subjects. No perfect heroes here, just struggling humans in a terrible conflict, some more good than bad, others the opposite, but all intriguing characters (some of whom would pass into outlaw legend after the formal peace). This “insurgency warfare” on civilization’s tattered and bloodied western fringes is largely unknown to Americans today–but “Gone to Kingdom,” a superb, tight novel should go a long way to correcting that. Definitely not for those who want a fake, romanticized picture of the Civil War. This is the real thing. Very strongly recommended.”

    5.0 out of 5 stars Good Stuff !!! July 12, 2013

    W.E.B. Griffin NY Times bestselling author of “The Brotherhood of War” series says;

    Some scars never fade and maybe that’s a good thing where our own Civil War is concerned. It’s been well over a century and still it is hard to imagine a more brutal, divisive, and tragic experience for Americans. In this brilliant new book, award-winning novelist Frederick Chiaventone, himself a retired Army officer, brings into sharp focus the often neglected but exceptionally brutal conflict along the Kansas-Missouri Border during our Civil War. We all know about the men this struggle produced, Frank and Jesse James, Cole Younger, ‘Bloody Bill’ Anderson and in “Gone to Kingdom” we see how they learned their trade. A tale of young men coming of age in an unforgiving environment, this marvelous book does for guerrilla warfare what “The Killer Angels” did for the set piece battles in the War Between the States. Beautifully researched and written “Gone to Kingdom” is an American “Iliad.”

    About the author:

    Frederick J. Chiaventone……is a novelist, screenwriter, military historian, and consultant. A retired cavalry officer, he was chief of Special Operations for 6th US Army, and Professor Emeritus for International Security Affairs at the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff College. With his vast experience in the field he has become an internationally recognized expert on guerrilla warfare, counter-terrorism, peacekeeping operations, psychological operations, and broadcast media.

    Chiaventone’s novel, A Road We Do Not Know: A Novel of Custer at the Little Bighorn (Simon & Schuster, & University of New Mexico Press) was published to rave critical reviews, won the 1999 William E. Colby Literary Award and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in literature. His next novel in the Lakota Trilogy, Moon of Bitter Cold (Forge, MacMillan, & St. Martin’s Press) was awarded the Western Heritage Award for Literature and also the William Rockhill Nelson Award for Literature.

    A frequent contributor to publications such as Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Wild West, and American Heritage he has been interviewed on radio and television for productions by PBS and the History Channel, and served as the Military/Historical Advisor and coach for principal actors for Ang Lee’s Civil War film Ride With The Devil (Universal/USA Films).

    Of his work writer Mark Bowden, author of “Black Hawk Down” has said; “…a fascinating recreation, amazingly imagined and written with the unpretentious command of a very skillful writer…a marvelous accomplishment.”

    Chiaventone’s most recent article “When Bleeding Kansas Became Bloodier” on Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence appears in the August 2013 issue of Wild West Magazine.

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