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This happened during “W”‘s Farewell Tour of Iraq. I think it pretty much sums up his “Legacy”.

In other news Politico.Com is reporting that former Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain has stated that:

“In a surprising rebuke to the warriors who fought for him through tough times, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday sided with President-elect Barack Obama and scolded the Republican National Committee for fanning the Illinois corruption scandal. 

On ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked: “The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Mike Duncan, has been highly critical of the way President- elect Obama has dealt with this. 

“He’s had a statement every single day, saying that the Obama team should reveal all contacts they’ve had with Governor [Rod] Blagojevich. He says that Obama’s promise of transparency to the American people is now being tested. Do you agree with that?” 

“McCain replied: “I think that the Obama campaign should and will give all information necessary. You know, in all due respect to the Republican National Committee and anybody — right now, I think we should try to be working constructively together, not only on an issue such as this, but on the economy stimulus package, reforms that are necessary. And so, I don’t know all the details of the relationship between President-elect Obama’s campaign or his people and the governor of Illinois, but I have some confidence that all the information will come out. It always does, it seems to me.” 

Quick someone get another shoe.

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker


From the Drudge Report…

“BUSH ANGER: OBAMA AIDES LEAK CHAT DETAILSTue Nov 11 2008 09:28:10 ETclaimed the TIMES.quickly followed with details of the conversation, citing “aides who described the discussion on grounds of anonymity, citing the private nature of the meeting.”

Just hours after President Bush and President-elect Obama met in the Oval Office of the White House, details of their confidential conversation began leaking out to the press, igniting anger from the president, sources claim.

“Senator Obama would be wise to keep close counsel,” a top Bush source warned.
“BUSH AND OBAMA AT ODDS OVER AID FOR AUTO INDUSTRY,” splashed the NEW YORK TIMES in an exclusive Monday evening, quoting “people familiar with the discussion.”
The two met at the White House in private, without staff.

“Bush indicated at the meeting that he might support some aid and a broader economic stimulus package if Obama and congressional Democrats dropped their opposition to a free-trade agreement with Colombia,”



Bush advisers view the leaks as an effort to undermine the president’s remaining days in office.

“Senator Obama may not be familiar with a long-standing tradition of presidents holding their private conversations, private,” a senior adviser explained to the DRUDGE REPORT.


I know I joked alot about an Obama presidency being like that of Zimbabwe {Rhodesia}President Robert Mugabe in a sense that he’d be driving throughout the countryside, and knocking on doors , only to inform the resident that they are no longer the owners.

Well, it looks like Obama went straight for the jugular today, and the surprised resident was George W. Bush. Oh sure they talked policy, but the message from Obama was “I’m the new president {even though he hasn’t been sworn in yet and even though it would appear that he was not born in the United States} and I’m calling the shots, and you’ll soon be leaving, do what I say”.

As far as policy goes, they’re both wrong! Obama is wrong to want to bail out the auto industry, Bush is wrong to send what jobs we have left to Columbia.
As far as President Elect Obama goes, sticking his foot in the White House door today {like the old vacuum cleaner salesmen of years past} shows that he has no class whatsoever.

Many people were “wowed” by this “intelligent” “articulate” man who was full of “hope” but not me, I saw through him from the “get go”.
Well, as Obama said, “You can put Lipstick on a pig”…

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker